We would like our clients to view the annual audit as an opportunity, not an expense, and believe that our processes can actually serve to improve the operation of their business. We endeavour to keep our clients up to date with the relevant financial reporting and related legislative changes once these take effect, as well as providing the most suitable advice to maximise the client’s business potential.

The audit landscape has gone through an enormous amount of change over the last few years. With audit thresholds increasing to £10.2m, the number of businesses requiring an audit to comply with statutory regulations has decreased significantly. Despite this, the value of a periodic audit of your business and your financial records and controls is still something to consider.

Our audit services break down into four key areas:

Statutory Audit – for those clients that still need it

Internal Audit – even for our smaller clients, we provide the resource to review, investigate and report on internal controls and areas of corporate governance.

Voluntary Audit or Certification – we provide a full statutory audit service on a bi-annual basis for those clients who do not need a full audit, but whose board requires the comfort and independent review that a statutory audit delivers.

Funding Audits – several funding providers in the public and private sector require regular audits to support funds provided. We are regulated and approved to undertake these audits for the majority of fund providers.

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